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About Me

Dee has spent 30 years integrating body/mind/holistic healing into her practice.  She is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching.  Additionally, she’s certified in Group Coaching as well as Non Parent Expected (NPE)-for those discovering that one or both of their birth certificate parents are not their biological parent.  After navigating her own experience as an adoptee in reunion with her birth family for 35 years, she is also passionate about working with other adoptees. Dee uses somatic tools to reconnect people to their bodies, helping them find their own voice and innate wisdom to heal. She works with trauma specific psycho-education to normalize the lasting impacts of developmental and other types of trauma to our body/mind/nervous system.   

In her 30 years as a massage/therapist, Dee realized that what she was seeing in the tissue of the body, knots, holding patterns, chronic pain or states of stress were a roadmap of each person’s lived experiences.  Bessel van der Kolk’s book “The Body Keeps The Score” not only validated those observations but through neuroscience explained why and how the body reflected our life experiences.  This is what lead her to Trauma Recovery Coaching. 


In her free time you’ll find Dee outdoors in nature, on a walking/bike path or enjoying other forms of movement outdoors.  



Dee's kind, compassionate, and patient coaching style helped me to be open and to deeply explore the obstacles, both inner and outer, that were present in my life in order to achieve my goals. Dee created a sacred and safe space for me and I am so grateful for her support. I would highly recommend Dee as a trauma recovery coach.


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