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Essential Bodywork

Dee has spent 30 years integrating body/mind/holistic healing into her massage therapy practice. Early in her career, she realized what she was seeing in the tissue of the body was a map of lived experiences. Her passion for and understanding of the Body/Mind connection led to her becoming a massage instructor of Psycho-Structural Balancing at Life Energy Institute where she also received her training. She enjoyed helping people connect to their bodies through Tai Chi Chuan, breath work, boundary-setting, and communication. These experiences led her to pursue advanced training in Trauma Recovery Coaching.  Dee incorporates Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, cupping, IASTM, energy balancing as well as trauma-informed massage.  

Every session will be customized based on what each client needs and what is appropriate to the amount of time scheduled.  

A trauma-informed massage is an approach to practice rather than a massage technique.  It involves fostering trust, safety, clear communication, and collaboration with clients in order to reduce the chances of inadvertently causing additional harm.  In addition to an approach that can be applied more generally, it can be a stand-alone session that includes a gentler approach and incorporates mindfulness, breath work, and dialogue.  Note: it is not psychotherapy. 

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